Valen Antel

Sand & Sun

After being sold into Slavery, our heroes became part of a large caravan, that headed off into the desert.

Allaria, being recognized as a Spell Caster, was marked by a Copper Ring, pierced through the bridge of her nose. Painful as it was, she was given some respect by being allowed to ride a horse during the journey.

Andor, having the appearance of someone that could handle himself in a fight, was given a small cudgle, and told to help protect the caravan should it get attacked. He was given somewhat free reign of the caravan during the journey, as there wasn’t really any place to run to.

The Monk, after his rebelion on board the ship, was still caged, and drugged and transported behind the caravan, in the dust.

Three days into the journey through the dessert, came the chance for escape. Off in the distance, a large figure was seen flying in the sky. Panic began to make its wake quickly through the caravan, as the figure grew larger, becoming clear that it was a Red Dragon, diving towards the slave train. Large gouts of flame errupted around the wagons, while slavers, guards, and slaves alike, ran for their lives.

Andor, thinking quickly, gathered his companions together, freed the monk, and stealing a long sword, and another horse, took off into the desert, leaving the terror filled, burning train of slaved behind.

Two days in the desert, they were able to make their way to a large butte, that appeared to be where the caravan they were part of was intending to go. Using every survival skill they could muster, they were able to make it up the side of the butte, to find a small spring, of life giving water.

Here they took stock of their situation.

Alone, in a strang land, with a sword, two horses, and rags.

They settled in for a long cold night, of much needed rest, with Andor taking the first watch.

However, in the middle of the night, when the monk, awoke, Andor, along with their only weapon, was gone!



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