Valen Antel


ShamashAndor, Allaria and the Monk, were not the only captives from Talaverberger!

Other ships were making their way into the slaved trading city, and other slaves were meeting their fates in that desparate market of human souls and missery.

We meet, Amelia , Divine Archaeologist, Varis, Tomb Raider, Ishmea, and Shamashj.

Another group of ‘heroes’ taken captive during the raid on Talaverberger. Sold into slavery, and put on a small caravan also headed into the desert.

Being ALL casters, of some sort or another, they were placed into a wagon, to protect them from the heat, and there they sat. Warned that at the first sign of trouble, the ‘hostages’ in the wagon behind them would all be killed.

Three days later, their caravan was attacked! Taking advantage of the moment, they were able to break out of their caged, wooden wagon, to be greated by the ‘hostages’ wagon engulfed in flames, most of the slavers killed, and two possible attackers taking on the scant remains of the guards.

Shamash, quickly charged a combat taking place, between the guards, and another elf, dressed in slaves clothes, taking on two of them, bare handed. Of course the Dragonborne, not being able to recognize the difference between armed guards, and the half naked, starved, unarmed elf, attacked them all. The elf, quickly dispatched the two guards, and then chose not to explain it to the Marked Slave Dragonbourne, but rather to just knock him out and continue rescueing the ‘other slaves’.

A few dead slavers later, and the murder of one surendering slaver, the four casters, greated their rescuers, Allaria and the Monk, and quickly made their get away to the spring on the mountains side.



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