Valen Antel

Friday Night Smackdown (a Preview)

Moments after Andor, reappeared within the midst of our heroes, a loud rumbling sound, and the screams of Kobolds could be heard in the large chamber beyound.

Being very careful, peering over the ledge, they could see that ‘Broken Dragon’ Statue, pulling itself together. There was much panic, shouting and pandimonium amoung the Kobolds. Some seems facinated, others afraid.

The Broken Dragon statue continued to pull itself together, when suddenly there was a shimmering light, and with a burst of fire, and a roar, a Great Red Dragon, was left standing, staring menacingly down upon the Kobolds.


ShamashAndor, Allaria and the Monk, were not the only captives from Talaverberger!

Other ships were making their way into the slaved trading city, and other slaves were meeting their fates in that desparate market of human souls and missery.

We meet, Amelia , Divine Archaeologist, Varis, Tomb Raider, Ishmea, and Shamashj.

Another group of ‘heroes’ taken captive during the raid on Talaverberger. Sold into slavery, and put on a small caravan also headed into the desert.

Being ALL casters, of some sort or another, they were placed into a wagon, to protect them from the heat, and there they sat. Warned that at the first sign of trouble, the ‘hostages’ in the wagon behind them would all be killed.

Three days later, their caravan was attacked! Taking advantage of the moment, they were able to break out of their caged, wooden wagon, to be greated by the ‘hostages’ wagon engulfed in flames, most of the slavers killed, and two possible attackers taking on the scant remains of the guards.

Shamash, quickly charged a combat taking place, between the guards, and another elf, dressed in slaves clothes, taking on two of them, bare handed. Of course the Dragonborne, not being able to recognize the difference between armed guards, and the half naked, starved, unarmed elf, attacked them all. The elf, quickly dispatched the two guards, and then chose not to explain it to the Marked Slave Dragonbourne, but rather to just knock him out and continue rescueing the ‘other slaves’.

A few dead slavers later, and the murder of one surendering slaver, the four casters, greated their rescuers, Allaria and the Monk, and quickly made their get away to the spring on the mountains side.

Sand & Sun

After being sold into Slavery, our heroes became part of a large caravan, that headed off into the desert.

Allaria, being recognized as a Spell Caster, was marked by a Copper Ring, pierced through the bridge of her nose. Painful as it was, she was given some respect by being allowed to ride a horse during the journey.

Andor, having the appearance of someone that could handle himself in a fight, was given a small cudgle, and told to help protect the caravan should it get attacked. He was given somewhat free reign of the caravan during the journey, as there wasn’t really any place to run to.

The Monk, after his rebelion on board the ship, was still caged, and drugged and transported behind the caravan, in the dust.

Three days into the journey through the dessert, came the chance for escape. Off in the distance, a large figure was seen flying in the sky. Panic began to make its wake quickly through the caravan, as the figure grew larger, becoming clear that it was a Red Dragon, diving towards the slave train. Large gouts of flame errupted around the wagons, while slavers, guards, and slaves alike, ran for their lives.

Andor, thinking quickly, gathered his companions together, freed the monk, and stealing a long sword, and another horse, took off into the desert, leaving the terror filled, burning train of slaved behind.

Two days in the desert, they were able to make their way to a large butte, that appeared to be where the caravan they were part of was intending to go. Using every survival skill they could muster, they were able to make it up the side of the butte, to find a small spring, of life giving water.

Here they took stock of their situation.

Alone, in a strang land, with a sword, two horses, and rags.

They settled in for a long cold night, of much needed rest, with Andor taking the first watch.

However, in the middle of the night, when the monk, awoke, Andor, along with their only weapon, was gone!

Why for you put me in that dark dark place?

And, All and Afist came to. Tied, in the dark smelly hold of a slave ship, with other captives of Talaverberger. All was gagged and tied in a corner all by herself. Along with our heroes, were women, children and few men from town.

Afist quickly removed his bonds, but in so doing, caused a panic amoung the other prisoners, who knew all too well the cruelty of their captors.

Ignoring their pleas, Afist defiantly waited for the slavers to come down into the hold. One Large Slaver and a few deckhands entered the hold. Afist was warned to sit back down and allow himself to be tied up again, which, surprisingly he refused. The Large Slaver, went to a young boy, tied up in the hold and immediately slit his throat.

Afist seems unfazed by this, mistakingly thinking that the slavers were just reducing their bottom line. There isn’t much demand for children where these Slavers were going, except to keep the adults in line. The Slaver promised that for every blow struck upon him, 2 children would die.

Needless to say, there was a lot of fighting, and more children were murdered.

And was also able to break free, and relunctantly attempt to aid his friend, Afist. The battle appeared for the moment to be going their way, until a ghostly shape appeared, struck Afist with her dagger, and disappeared. This actually angered the Slaver more, who was hoping to put down this insurection himself. However, the mysterious elf, paid no mind, and continued to attack Afist until he was unconscience. And, quickly realizing the futuility of the situation, returned to his bounds.

Relative calm settled in the hold again, while Afist was dragged out upon the deck, to an unknown fate. Before the Slaver returned to the top deck however, he turned around, said “I’ll wager you think I forgot?”. He returned to the hold, walked up to two of the children, and kicked them in the face until they were dead.

It was a very quite ocean trip for the next 2 weeks.

Great Balls O' Fire!

After rescueing the cow from the Ankheg! Our heoric elves didn’t even get a chance to hear Old Sven say “Thank you!”.

Off in the distance, they could see GREAT BALLS OF FIRE falling down on the Town. From out in the harbor somewhere, Talaverberger, was being attacked.

Through the darkness they carefully made they’re way back to town to see if there was anyway, they might be able to help, but along the way, they stumbled upon 3 long ships unloading pirates and bandits onto the shore.

Waiting for them to head off towards the raid on Talaverberger, they carefully, picked off a few of the straglers, then made their way off in one of the long boats, after disabling the other two. However, they’re rear attacks had been noticed, and a few of the raiders returned to shore, to investigate.

Feeling safely out in the water and away from the beach, a long distance shooting match started, between elven arrows, and pirate crossbows. The Pirates realized they were out matched, and began waving a Torch in the air. Allthough And, quickly dispatched the first Torch waver, the damage had been done, and the second wave of raiders was coming in, alerted that something was happening.

So, we got to see what it was like to fight in open water, in longboats, with 3 elves in 1, vs 36 pirates in 3 others.

And, All and Afist put in quite a good fight, taking out a little more then half of the bandits, before being beaten down into submission. ( Got to Love Burning Hands in a packed Longboat ).

They were all captured.

Looking for Adventure in Talaverberger

After hearing of many heroic tales coming from the West Shore Province, a handful of heroes have set out to get their own piece of the action.

Following the road East from Lureicia, we meet three elves. We’ll call them And, Afist and All. The journey was uneventful but the closer they got to Talaverberger the more they heard of fantastic and heroic adventures taking place, along with many mysterious, still unsolved.

Tales of waring bands of Kobolds and Goblins, in league with dark forces unknown.

Entire townships being blockaided as rumors or walking dead leak out.

The Emissary of the Raven God, disappearing and believed murdered.

And most of all, the Incredible Epic Tale of a battle with a Dragon, by none other then the Prince of Talaverberger, himself.

However, as they approached they Talaverberger, they found that they were not along in their quest for fame. Many other, ‘Self Proclaimed’ Heroes had arrived, sporting for their share of the glory to be had. The Township itself was realitivly quite, and surely it seemed that none of these fantastic stories could have started from here.

Even the famed Prince Stasion couldn’t be found.

Arriving at the Twin Horse Tavern, our tale of deeds, begins most humbly, with the taking on of a farmers plight.

Poor Old Sven, was missing two of this five miling cows, intrusted to him, to take care of by the Lordship. Shocked, weary and afraid to go to any other authorities, he suffered nothing but mocking from all the new arrived heroes to the Talaverberger, who felt that rescuing ‘cattle’ too far ‘beneath’ their abilities.

Lucky for Old Sven though, All, And and Afist felt up to the task. Either through pitty, or realizing that nothing else was going on, they felt compelled to relieve Sven of his problematic bovine disappearance.

Sven’s farm was only a short way’s out of town, and as told, only three tethered cows were left in him small field.

A short scouting trip, revealed no tracks, and questioning Sven, exposed nothing but more questions. So, worn out from keeping watch too many nights, Sven retired, to his humble cottage, while And, All and Afist took up their watch.

Shortly after dark, they heard the tell take, ‘CLANK-MEEOO!’ and a cow was gone.


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